More Information

We have been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retreivers for almost 25 years. Our dogs are Canadian Kennel Club registered which makes them eligible for foreign registration with an additional Canadian Kennel Club three generation pedigree. All of our parents have their hips and elbows certified and we can go back many generations of clearances; we never linebreed or inbreed. We clear all of our dogs' hips and elbows before we use them for breeding purposes. We have imported many dogs from Europe, with many bloodlines from Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Holland and the United States. Some of our dogs are from parents with international titles. I do not show, but certainly keep conformation and good looks as one of our prerequisites. BUT I do believe a GOOD, FRIENDLY PERSONALITY is the most important!

Our pups are vaccinated by a vet, health checked, dewormed several times, tattooed and ready to be adopted at around 9-10 weeks old. We give you an initial health guarantee, and if your vet thinks your pup is not healthy then you have the safety of being able to bring it back for a different pup. If you decide to keep your pup and it gets sick in the first three years, then you may keep this dog and we will give you a free pup, within 3 years. Our pups come with an initial health guarantee and a three year health and personality guarantee.

The moms come up to the house and the pups are sold from the house. We sell all of our dogs as pet dogs on a non-breeding contract. Our puppies are picked up and cuddled everyday. We let them start to get used to stranger's smells atabout two weeks of age. They never have to compete for food and they are exposed to the outside world at about 6 wks of age. The puppies go through several mini stresses before the major stress of going to a new home. They usually survive these little mini stresses very well. We move the pups from the upstairs room to a larger room in the basement that has access to outside through a small doggy door, and then they leave their littermates and come one by one up to the kitchen to be with our family and all of our older dogs. They are visited by lots of different smelling people and of course are socialized with many dogs other than Mom. Each pup learns very early in life that struggling just doesn't work, thus they are all content to lie on their back for us nice "bosses". They learn to sit in order to get patted. This starts very early in life and most pups are programmed not to be dominant. Of course through loving firmness you will continue this process into their teenage years. Most Goldens and Bernese do not challenge you and are quite willing to try and please you.

I send you home with a pamphlet that has quite a bit of information regarding health issues, food recommendations and training issues, along with our guarantee. If you wish to breed, our contract says you cannot breed your dogs that you buy from us until you also have the hips and elbows certified. Once hips and elbows are certified and the dog is proven to have a good personality and be a good representation of the breed, then I MAY lift the non-breeding contract and charge you another fee, as your dog now qualifies as a breeding dog.

When purchasing a pup, we ask half down to hold a future pup. You get to choose your pup when it is old enough to go home, in the order that the deposit was received. I will retain a non-refundable $300 part of your deposit if you just change your mind on delivery of the pup. This non-refundable deposit can be applied to a future pup if you ever wish. If I cannot produce a healthy pup for you in a reasonable length of time your deposit may be refundable.

We will need to know more about yourself and your lifestyle, before selling you a pup.