Satisfied Customers

Golden Retriever Penelope

"Just wanted to give you and update on Penelope, the four month old Golden Retriever we adopted from you.

With  tons of love, patience and play she has come out of her  shell! We  absolutely adore her and she is truly the sweetest little  girl. She  loves to follow us around the house and comes with us as many places as  she can. She has yet to meet a dog she doesn’t get along with  and has  such a soft, sweet spirit.

Everywhere  we take her, people rave about how gorgeous and well  tempered she is  and she LOVES to meet new people and dogs! She is an  absolute super  star! We are so thankful to have gotten such an amazing puppy."


Bernese Hugo

"Just  a few words about our beautiful boy Hugo, who we lovingly  acquired  from Goldenbreez. Our beautiful boy lived a long 11 years and he just  passed on across the golden bridge.

He  was the typical Berner; crossed his front legs, loved to lean on  you  no matter where you were in the house, and if there was a 6" spot on   the couch it was his for the taking. He was a gentle giant.

Thanks  Goldenbreez for giving us so many years of sheer joy out of your  Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are truly the best breed. Cannot wait  for  our new addition."

Julie F.

Bernese Vinnie

"We had purchased a Bernese named Vinnie from  you in the fall of 2005. We remember Ozzy and Serena well. My wife often  reminiscences how Serena nestled up beside her and gave her blessing  for us to adopt one of her pups. A very sweet moment.

Vinnie  passed away on July 21st 2014 which made him approximately 9 years and 3  weeks. He had a beautiful coat like his father and lived a very happy  and healthy life. He passed away at home and quite suddenly as his  stomach flipped. I'm sure you hear this all the time but he was best dog  you could ever ask for. He had such a gentle and loving personality, he  was incredibly quirky almost to the point of being goofy, and was  wonderful with children and other dogs."

Ryan & Tanya

Golden Retriever Jazzy

"Our beautiful girl Jazzberry became part of our family on October 31st, 2003. She has given us a world of joy, love and laughter. Our vibrant and happy girl is now in her "golden" years enjoying her treats, toys and walks (albeit the walks  are not as long as they once were). 

She ALWAYS greets us at the door with one of her many treasured toys, a wagging tail and a little cry to show us how happy she is we are back home. Her personality is one of a  kind. We could not imagine having a better best friend and companion.

Thank you Pat Parkinson and Goldenbreez Kennels for introducing us all  those years ago and for all the love, support and caring over the last  14 years!"

Tammy S.

Golden Retriever Dakota

"Dakota was the sweetest, most mild mannered dog we have ever met.  He loved children and meeting new people. Chasing squirrels was a favourite pass time but he didn’t know what to do with them if he caught them. More than once we let him into the house only to have a healthy, uninjured squirrel jump out of his mouth where it had been hiding. Apparently if he DID manage to catch one, he liked to carry it around in his mouth like it was a pet or baby.

 You can most certainly use Dakota’s long life span for your bragging rights!  Healthy until 15 but had to be put down just before he turned 16."

David John H.

Bernese Ruby

"We have gotten 2 wonderful Berners from you. Our first Berner was Hudson back in 1999. She was so sweet and loyal and we never dreamed we could have another Berner as good as Hudson. Well, we were wrong. 

We got our second Berner, Ruby, from you in December 2006. She was just as amazing and the bonus was we got to enjoy her for so long. We lost her last week and we are all heartbroken, but also so happy we got to love her for over 11 and a half years. She was simply an amazing dog that we completely adored. Our whole neighborhood loved her as well. She was definitely special to many people. "

Jet & Lisa T.