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    Satisfied Customers

    We always love to hear back from our customers about how their dogs are doing with their new families. This page is dedicated to those owners and their dogs, and will continue to grow as we hear back from more and more of our customers. Feel free to contact us by email if you are a past customer of ours; we would love to hear your stories!

    It has been 1 year this weekend since Dudley has become a member of our family. He is now 19 months old, and is a very healthy, happy, and handsome boy!

    Here is a photo of him running like the wind at the beach by our house!

    Lori & Howard


    Our beloved Grizzly passed over rainbow bridge on Feb.4th. It was so sad to finally let go, but it was necessary. Just thought I'd let you know since he was the most awesome dog that anyone could wish for, you should get credit for having such a good blood line of bernese puppies to choose from.

    Griz was in his 12th year and had overcome cancer on his leg and some issues with arthritis. I think he had a wonderful life as a therapy dog and will be missed by all his friends.



    I just wanted to give you and update on Penelope, the four month old Golden Retriever we adopted from you.

    With tons of love, patience and play she has come out of her shell! We absolutely adore her and she is truly the sweetest little girl. She loves to follow us around the house and comes with us as many places as she can. She has yet to meet a dog she doesn’t get along with and has such a soft, sweet spirit.

    Every where we take her, people rave about how gorgeous and well tempered she is and she LOVES to meet new people and dogs! She is an absolute super star! We are so thankful to have gotten such an amazing puppy, and feel bad that we were originally hesitant with her being so quiet and reserved at first.

    My vet was impressed with her health and commented how the breeder must’ve been really good! Also, Penny has been asked to become a therapy dog with the Humane Society and (when she is done training) go to the Anselma House in Kitchener one day, every other week and just be loved and fed treats by the women and children there. She is also doing really well with her training, she is a very smart little lady!

    Thank you again for giving us the peace of mind that if we had not bonded with her, there was an option to exchange her. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know looking to buy a Golden or Bernese Mountain dog and are so happy that she turned out to be the perfect fit.



    We acquired Taya Mystique from you 10 years ago. She is still going strong! I think she is amazing. She is a little sore after her walks but she has so much energy at the park that I often forget she is actually a senior citizen now!

    I was looking at your puppy pictures on your website and I still remember when Taya was that little. Taya has a big personality and she still loves to play and swim.



    We came to visit GoldenBreeze in early 2005. You had 2 female pups at that time, who you named ‘one dot’ and ‘two dot’ who were over 10 weeks old at that time and the only pups remaining from that litter. You were trying to determine if you wanted to keep one or both for breeding. Luckily you allowed us to bring home ‘one dot’ whom we renamed Zara.

    She has been a joy for all the time we have shared our home with her. Everyone that has come in contact with her comments on her small size for a Bernese and thinks she is still a puppy. Zara, who is 9 years old now, is still with us and, although she is slowing down and struggles to jump up on things as she ages, is doing well. She loves the beach as you can see from the photo, but really shines when the weather is colder. She is especially happy out of doors and when all of our kids come home.

    Thank you for allowing us to adopt her. Please know that we have repeatedly recommended you to any and everyone that shows interest in a great family dog and specifically Berners.

    Ati & Gary


    We had to put our Karley to sleep last Thursday. She was almost 13 year. A beautiful Golden that we loved dearly. Attached are a couple of pictures of her at our cottage in 2012 on Georgian Bay. She loved to swim and retrieve rocks of all things. She was from Merino.

    As you know she is our 2nd dog that we have got from you. Chelsea was our first golden. She too, was a great dog.



    We have purchased a Bernese "Vinnie" from you previously about 9 years ago in the fall of 2005. We remember Ozzy and Sirena well. My wife often reminiscences how Sirena nestled up beside her and gave her blessing for us to adopt one of her pups. A very sweet moment.

    Vinnie passed away on July 21st last summer 2014 which made him approximately 9 years and 3 weeks. He had a beautiful coat like his father and lived a very happy and healthy life. He passed away at home and quite suddenly as his stomach flipped. I'm sure you hear this all the time but he was best dog you could ever ask for. He had such a gentle and loving personality, he was incredibly quirky almost to the point of being goofy, and was wonderful with children and other dogs.

    Ryan Nolan & Tanya Murtagh


    I'm the proud mom of Lilly, I adopted her from you in December 2012. She is the best thing I ever did! At the time I adopted her you said to me, they are like Lays chips, you can't have just one... well, those words are so true!

    Jane Girling


    My wife and I received Mocha as a wedding gift nearly 11 years ago. She was basically our first child. Mocha is such a kind hearted dog and just loves to be with the family. A lot of our family vacations included Mocha and she has done a lot of travelling. She does not care where she goes, as long as she is with her family.

    Mocha is a few weeks away from her 11th birthday. Her health is failing and we are not sure if she will make it to 11. She has been a huge part of our family. We had her before we had our kids. I know 11 years of age is beyond a typical Bernese. I attribute that to the way you breed your Bernese and the way we raised her. Saying goodbye to her will be very difficult for all of us but she has added so much to our lives. We are thankful for every day we have had with her.

    Due to the great experience we have had with our Bernese I do not have any plans to use another breeder.

    Brad Clark and family


    Pat, My son and grandaughter were thrilled with their visit to your home and with their new puppy. I am thrilled they went to you. Michael was so impressed with you and your home with all the puppies. Also our friend K. Harvey showed me pictures of their puppy and how thrilled they were. I am happy to have people experience your love of especially your Goldens and all of your puppies.

    Rowan, my Golden was 12 earlier this month and we always celebrate his birthday with Katilyn and Michael. He has been a wonderful family pet and the bond between Rowan and Kaitlyn has been so special.

    Blessings and Love,


    This past Thanksgiving I had to say goodbye to my best friend Eowyn Anduin. She lived for 9.5 years and was well loved by everyone that met her. She was so gentle and loving that people could not believe how she could sleep on the front lawn while dogs would walk by barking up a storm and she would look at them and put her head back down. Not a peep came from her. She loved being with people as close as possible, car rides, trips to the trailer, our daily walks and Boudicca the cat were the best things in her life.

    She did not complain about anything. The cancer came on fast. I took her into the emergency vet where she was diagnosed with cancer between her shoulder blades. It was not until that time that she showed any signs of not being well. She bounced around like a puppy all the time. I was going to have a tutu made for her, she danced so much.

    I have attached a picture of her from last summer when I was building our garden in our new house.

    She lived long, was very happy, and well loved.

    K. Graham


    Well I find myself finally ready to send this note to you. We sadly had to put our beautiful Avi down this September, cancer... she was 11 and otherwise until the last month, so healthy. We chose her from one of your litters, I remember you saying that she would have been one to keep if you were keeping a pup. Her mom was Blueberry and her dad was Ozzy (Uriel von Kopfrein).

    Avi was our first time pet, a precious addition to our family. She was sweet tempered and a people pleaser. Easily trained and just a treasure. Absolutely no health issues until the month before her passing @11 years, when she had torn her ACL and her recovery showed her hidden stress, cancer and neurolgic weekness. She was stoic until the end, she is sadly missed!

    Michelle & Michael McLaughlin


    On June 4, 2005 we brought home an adorable and spunky Bernese puppy from Goldenbreez. We named him Ferris.

    Ferris was sweet, loving, and the clown of every obedience class. I have never met a dog with a better nature than his. Over the years he accepted cats, kittens, a new puppy, and a baby into his life with enthusiastic affection.

    We had to say good-bye to Ferris last night, six days shy of his 11th birthday. We will miss him terribly. We are attaching some photos that you may post on your web site if you wish.

    Thank you for giving us the chance to love such a special creature.

    Jenni Conway & Scott Robertson


    Hello Pat, please find pictures of Ginger (1997 - 2005) 8 years, and Reilly (2004 - 2016) 12 years. Two fine Goldens from Golden Breez!

    Reilly really enjoyed the water and the beach. Ginger wasn't as much of a swimmer as Reilly, but she loved the walks and playing on the beach.

    My wife, and I have good memories of both dogs and miss them very much!

    Paul & Cecelia Bowden


    Hi Pat,
    Thought I would send you a note to let you know that Teddi is going to be 12 on May 29th (fingers crossed). He has been the best addition to our family. He is just the sweetest thing. Couldn’t imagine a better dog!

    B'Ann Finlay


    Just a few words about our beautiful boy Hugo, who we lovingly acquired from Pat and Peter and Goldenbreez. Our beautiful boy lived a long 11 years and he just passed on across the golden bridge.

    He was the typical Berner; crossed his front legs, loved to lean on you no matter where you were in the house, and if there was a 6" spot on the couch it was his for the taking. He was a gentle giant. He loved kids and fellow dogs but was a bit protective of his house, he would bark when anyone entered and you heard about it.

    People would stop us in the street and there was always a comment on what a beautiful boy he was. Big square head. We were so pleased with his lineage and the kennels that Pat and Peter represent, that this Sunday, we again are making our way up to pick up our newest addition Loomis. Another Berner puppy.

    Thanks Goldenbreez for giving us so many years of sheer joy out of your Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are truly the best breed. Cannot wait for our new addition.

    Yours truly,
    Julie Foden


    Hey Pat
    Just wanted to send you this picture of our precious girl, a Doc/Serena pup who just celebrated her 12th birthday on the 10th December! She's doing really really well, still loves her long walks and sleeping on our bed, her two favourite pastimes :)

    She had surgery in the summer for a tumour on her back but did really well and was back to her normal self within a week. We have moved to Victoria, BC so her daily walk is along the ocean front off leash dog park where she has made lots of friends, everyone loves our Ella. We have also joined the Bernese Mountain Dog walking group, and Santa Paws came in December and Ella got a big hamper for being the oldest Bernese :)

    Thanks so much for the best dog ever! We love her so much!

    Fran and Ella
    Victoria, BC


    We often thought of writing to let you know how happy we are with the Bernese puppy you sold to us many years ago. We purchased Kingsley from GoldenBreez Kennels nine years ago. He was born July 19, 2007 (Sybil x Duke) and has been a wonderful, devoted boy throughout his nine plus years (still ticking).

    Although now slowing down, Kingsley has enjoyed excellent health free of those ailments larger dogs seem prone to. His sense of mischief is unabated and visitors continue to put boots, etc out of reach. Or else! Kingsley continues his daily barn checks, meets and greets visitors and is an invaluable watchdog as we live alone on a farm. Awesome bark !

    When Kingsley was purchased, we believed he would be our last dog and sadly for my husband this was true. Kings was a faithful companion for Keith throughout his illness and remains a loyal best friend to me and those he accepts as family. He is gentle and loving to our many grandchildren, and is never happier than stretched out in their midst stealing toys.

    Kings is a great dog with our livestock but has been known to take down a raccoon or two in his younger days. Kings has free range of our 100 plus acres but has never wandered or abandoned his post as guardian. We don’t believe another breed would fill the pawprints that will be left by our Bernie.

    The time has now come when Kings must turn his many talents to mentoring a new puppy. Oh, and did I mention... Kingsley is magnificently handsome.

    Thank you for our wonderful Kings.

    Sharon Hibberd


    Today was a enormously sad day for our family. We said good night forever to the best companion we could have ever asked for. 10 years, 5 months and 5 days of the happiest times of our lives. BEAR truly was the best dog. Thank you for breeding such an amazing animal. I hope one day when my family is ready that we can get another amazing puppy from your home to fill ours!

    Juanita Berndt


    I thought I should write and tell you that you sold me the friendliest and most gentle Bernese that ever lived, and I love him more each day. My whole community loves him. He is the new best friend of every person and dog he meets. I thank you for breeding such a wonderful companion. We go twice a day to a beautiful 400 acre nature preserve in North Carolina. If our timing is right and we meet up with the elementary school children on a nature walk on the trails with their counselors, they all call to him and he dashes into their midst – disappears! - to be hugged and petted; the counselors love it.

    You surely will not remember this puppy but you may remember driving him to Toronto and putting him on a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina, in April six years ago. Thanks heavens you were willing to do this.!!!! You told me on the phone you had two litters and one litter had the friendliest Mom you had ever bred. I remember saying, Well, send me one of those, then. I have her best.

    Jeanne Brittingham
    Charlotte, North Carolina


    Our first dog was a female Bernese mountain dog, we called her Kiso. We were so blessed to have had her as the center of our lives for over 10 years. She was so very easy to train, exceptionally smart, so very gentle and so loving. She hated to be alone. Where we were, she had to be. She loved car rides, loved to be massaged, loved the snow and oddly enough enjoyed eating cooked broccoli.

    Our family was so proud when she graduated 1st place in puppy school and obedience class.

    The next Bernese we get will have large "paws" to fill indeed.

    Kelly Motolko


    Last October we had to say goodbye to Moose our Bernese at an age of 11. The first couple of months we had to get used to the fact that he is no longer around. Moose was my second Bernese and just like the first one we had great temperament, awesome with the kids.

    We got Moose 11 years ago from your kennel and he turned out not the biggest, but for sure a great dog.

    André de Goeij


    Hello Pat. We are Matt and Pamela Kool from Hamilton with a now 6 1/2 year old Berkley. Love of our life and beautiful as he was on day 1. Love him and so does EVERY person we pass... including cars, stopping us daily. They all say he looks like a Black Bear lol.

    Best Regards,
    Matt and Pamela


    HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY! (what a milestone!)

    Our beautiful girl, Jazzberry, (Jazzy) turned 14 on August 2nd, 2017. She became part of our family on October 31st, 2003. She has given us a world of joy, love and laughter. Our vibrant and happy girl is now in her "golden" years enjoying her treats, toys and walks (albeit the walks are not as long as they once were). She ALWAYS greets us at the door with one of her many treasured toys, a wagging tail and a little cry to show us how happy she is we are back home. Her personality is one of a kind. We could not imagine having a better best friend and companion. Thank you Pat Parkinson and Goldenbreez Kennels for introducing us all those years ago and for all the love, support and caring over the last 14 years!

    Tammy Smith


    Hi Pat, I hope all is well. I thought I would give you and update and a few pictures of Glen since it was his 1st birthday on the 15th.

    He has been the best dog in the world. So kind, polite and loving. I can't wait to get him a little brother or sister in the next couple years.

    Tim Middleton


    We brought home two wonderful dogs from your kennel twelve years ago this month. They remain the best of friends to this day. We were at the vet the other day with Monty and the vet mentioned that he is the oldest Bernese she had ever seen. We thought you might be interested in knowing his age because, from what I understand, twelve is very old for the breed.

    They have both slowed down now and have some health issues but they have had a very happy, healthy, life and have brought a lot of joy to ours. They are very good with our young children and they tolerate our cat. They have been each other's best friend and more often than not, could be found snuggled up together as they slept.

    We just wanted to let you know how they are doing after all these years.

    Jennifer & Brad Green


    Hi Pat.

    We wanted to say thank you for our beautiful family dog, Max. We were lucky to have Max with us for approximately 11 years. He was very handsome, gentle, sweet and loving. He was a great best friend to the whole family. We could not have asked for a better family pet. He was always great with the kids and eventually his new sister, Bella. He was healthy as a horse right up until the last year. We had no problems health wise with him at all. We look forward to someday getting a new pup from GoldenBreez Kennels.

    Thank you again for providing us with the best family dog we could have ever asked for.

    The Pollard Family


    We had the honour of having Triton St. Nicholas as part of our lives for the last 10 years. He was the light of my life and adored by his 4 year old brother Bearly (Bichon, Shih Tzu mix.) Triton was born Oct.26 2003. He was a very happy, healthy 10 year old boy. He is now in heaven watching over us and keeping us safe. I just wanted you to know that the bundle of fur we got from you almost 10 years ago was very loved and lived a long and healthy and happy life.

    Delynne Patterson


    My family purchased a Bernese from you many many years ago. We were blessed to have our Charlie dog in our lives for almost 12 years. January 5th marked the second year without our Charlie dog and I think we are ready to have a new friend join our family. Charlie brought us so many happy years that I could not imagine getting a pup from anybody else but you!

    Kathleen Bynoe


    Maycee is on the left (8 years old, Mango x Otis) and Leia on the right, one of Latte's pups that I got from you in July.

    They get along really well and have since we took Leia into the house the very first day. Leia has to do everything that Maycee does. That has made walking on a leash and riding in the car very easy things for Leia to learn. She loves to watch TV, something that Maycee ignores. She is a bright, curious puppy and I am so happy to have her in our family.

    Leia is my third retriever from you, so if you wish to use this on your website, feel free. You have wonderful dogs!

    Beth Campbell


    A picture of our pup! He's doing great, growing so quickly!! Plays hard, power naps, repeat. Repeat.

    He is keeping us busy, getting very comfy and confident in his new home. We all love him very much, and he brings many laughs every day!! He's doing well with house training. And sleeping well at night these days. Thank you so much for Theo!!

    Marylou Brennan